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enterprise viasat internet
enterprise viasat internet

Viasat, which was once known as Exede, is one of the two major satellite internet providers established in the United States. Viasat competes with HughesNet for a portion of rural individuals and businesses that require access to high-speed internet. HughesNet was formerly known as WildBlue.

In 2018, Viasat revealed that it would be launching its next-generation, most technologically advanced satellite systems to date. Here we will look into Viasat enterprises and its offerings.

Services offered by Viasat


  • During regular business hours, you have access to a priority connection.
  • Reliable internet service in more remote places.


  • Contract for two years.

Since the launch of the satellite, Viasat has been rolling out across the country its newer, faster plans. These plans give businesses the opportunity to take advantage of high-speed satellite internet service that comes extremely close to matching the speeds of more traditional internet technologies such as DSL and cable.

Small towns and rural locations are where Viasat Business shines the brightest. Viasat Internet may not be as fast as plans from some other internet service providers (ISPs), but in many rural areas, their satellite internet will easily outperform the existing network.

Businesses that are located outside of major cities have a significant competitive advantage because of the vast coverage provided by satellite-based carriers such as Viasat. Many internet service providers avoid substantial portions of the country entirely.

Firms in rural areas are sometimes forced to make do with very sluggish internet connections provided by legacy providers. Some of these businesses pay more than $30 per month for download speeds of less than 5 mbps and upload rates of less than 1 mbps.

The vast majority of small businesses require internet connections that are significantly quicker than that in order to complete routine duties, which may include:

  • Composing, sending, and receiving electronic mail
  • Transferring files by uploading and downloading them
  • Videos that can be streamed
  • Video conferencing
  • Using programs that are hosted in the cloud
  • Creating a backup copy of crucial records

Because business internet from Viasat makes it possible to do the majority of these duties, it is an ideal alternative for companies that are located in regions that are not well covered by conventional internet service providers (ISPs).

Is Viasat Enterpise Internet Good?

Even in regions where businesses have access to DSL (direct subscriber line) connections made possible by telephone lines, it is possible that they will find it beneficial to investigate Viasat due to the fact that satellite internet can be up to ten times quicker.

However, satellite connections are still unable to compete with the speed of internet provided by fiber-optic cables. Consider switching to a fiber connection from a different provider if your company requires speeds more than 150 megabits per second.

When compared to other satellite internet providers, Viasat's speeds are significantly quicker. Download speeds for businesses might average around 35 Mbps wherever they are situated in the United States. Certain locations can get 100 Mbps downloads. It is easy to understand how faster internet via Viasat can provide you an advantage when you compare this to the internet speeds of small-town businesses, which typically range from 0.5 to 1.5 Mbps for dial-up connections.

However, you may have several internet access options besides satellite internet. And to tell you the truth, if you are able to acquire internet through cable, fiber, fixed wireless, or DSL, we strongly suggest that you investigate those options first.

Only companies operating in regions devoid of cable or fiber optic internet networks should consider subscribing to the Viasat Business Satellite Internet service. This is because of the limitations of those other internet connection types.

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