Viasat Energy Services

viasat energy services
viasat energy services

Viasat is a global communications corporation that provides satellite internet and television services to consumers in over 130 countries. The company's energy services segment supplies the oil and gas sector with a number of solutions, including data communications, asset tracking, and remote monitoring.

Here we’ve discussed everything you need to know about  Viasat's energy services segment and its capabilities.

Communications Data

One of the most significant parts of the oil and gas sector is data communications. Companies in the oil and gas industry must be able to connect with their personnel in remote places and with other businesses in the supply chain.

Data communications solutions provided by Viasat include both satellite-based voice and data services and terrestrial wireless solutions.

The company's satellite-based phone and data services are accessible in over 130 countries and provide coverage in some of the world's most remote and difficult situations. Wireless solutions from Viasat are also accessible in a number of nations, and they provide an option to satellite-based services for oil and gas businesses with operations in locations with strong terrestrial coverage.

Asset Monitoring

Asset tracking is another essential service provided by the energy services segment of Viasat. Companies in the oil and gas industry must be able to track their assets in order to improve their operations and guarantee that their assets are being utilized properly.

Asset tracking systems from Viasat utilize a combination of satellite-based and terrestrial-based technologies to enable real-time asset tracking in over 130 countries.

The company's satellite-based asset monitoring systems are available in both geostationary and low earth orbit satellites, and they provide coverage in some of the most inaccessible and difficult regions on the planet.

Asset monitoring systems from Viasat are available in a number of countries, and they provide an option to satellite-based solutions for oil and gas businesses with operations in locations with strong terrestrial coverage.


Vistat Energy Services is a great company that provides energy services to both residential and commercial customers. They are a great choice for those who are looking for an energy service provider that is reliable, affordable, and offers great customer service. We highly recommend Vistat Energy Services to anyone in need of energy services.

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