Mexico Viasat WiFi: Introducing Residential Service

  1. Overview
  2. Speed and Coverage
  3. Features and Benefits
  4. Availability
  5. Pricing and Expansion
  6. Community Initiatives
  7. In-Flight Connectivity
  8. Establishing Credibility
  9. Conclusion


Viasat, a leading global communications company, is now offering residential satellite internet service in Mexico. Leveraging the bandwidth from ViaSat-2, the world's most advanced high-capacity communications satellite, Viasat brings fast and reliable internet access to customers in select areas of Mexico. With speeds of up to 50 Mbps, Viasat's residential service is the fastest satellite internet option available in the country.

Speed and Coverage

With Viasat's residential service, customers can enjoy high-speed internet connectivity for a variety of online activities. Whether it's streaming content, video calls, social media, or sending and receiving emails, Viasat provides a reliable connection that meets the needs of modern households. The service offers coverage in select areas of nine states in Mexico, and Viasat plans to expand its coverage to additional Mexican states in early 2020.

Features and Benefits

Viasat's residential service comes with a range of features and benefits that enhance the user experience. One of the unique features is unlimited chat and web browsing, allowing customers to stay connected with their loved ones and explore the internet without worrying about data limits. Additionally, Viasat's service is designed to be reliable, ensuring that customers can enjoy uninterrupted internet access.


Currently, Viasat's residential service is available in select areas of nine states in Mexico. The company is actively working with local distribution and fulfillment partners to expand its coverage and make the service available in all states within Mexico. By increasing availability, Viasat aims to close the digital gap in Mexico and connect people to everything the internet has to offer.

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Pricing and Expansion

Viasat's residential service is competitively priced, making it an affordable option for households in Mexico. The company plans to continue expanding its satellite-based internet service across the country, with a focus on reaching underserved areas. By early 2020, Viasat expects to roll out its residential service to additional Mexican states, providing more people with access to fast and reliable internet.

Community Initiatives

Viasat is committed to bridging the digital divide in Mexico and has implemented various community initiatives to achieve this goal. The company has deployed its Community Wi-Fi hotspot service to unconnected and poorly connected remote communities, providing them with internet access. Additionally, Viasat has partnered with telecom wholesaler Ubix to connect public spaces through the "Internet para Todos" (Internet for All) program, further expanding internet access in Mexico.

In-Flight Connectivity

In addition to residential service, Viasat has also been contracted by Aeromexico, one of Mexico's leading airlines, to bring high-speed in-flight connectivity to a portion of its commercial fleet. This partnership allows passengers to stay connected during their flights, enhancing their travel experience.

Establishing Credibility

Viasat's entry into the residential internet market in Mexico demonstrates the company's commitment to providing fast, reliable, and high-quality internet services. By leveraging the advanced technology of ViaSat-2, Viasat aims to establish itself as a trusted and credible satellite internet provider across Mexico. With its expansion plans and community initiatives, Viasat is working towards connecting Mexico and its people to the digital world.


Viasat's residential satellite internet service in Mexico brings fast and reliable internet access to households in select areas of the country. With speeds of up to 50 Mbps, Viasat offers the fastest satellite internet service available in Mexico. The service comes with unique features and benefits, including unlimited chat and web browsing. Viasat is actively working to expand its coverage and make the service available in all states within Mexico. Through community initiatives and partnerships, Viasat is bridging the digital divide and connecting more people to the internet. With its commitment to providing high-quality internet services, Viasat aims to establish itself as a trusted and credible satellite internet provider in Mexico.

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