Is Starlink Better Than Viasat

viasat vs starlink
viasat vs starlink

These are two separate satellites currently being used for internet supply to consumers. These are reliable internet service providers. Starlink has been functional for two years. As compared to the other satellite internet providers.

Starlink is important to consider because it launched its own satellites for the same purpose a few years ago. The company is unmatched in terms of internet reliability, speed, and other features.

Latency of Starlink and Viasat 

The Viasat satellite needs a sufficient gap for proper placement. The ideal position for this satellite to smoothly execute the internet service is right above the stationary orbit. Due to this reason, it does not quickly catch the signals and reflects them back. It increases the latency of this satellite. But other satellites are independent of this setback caused by increased latency. Starlink, for instance, positions its other satellites on the lower orbit of Earth and keeps them much closer to the orbit to avoid problems caused due to latency.

Equipment Ownership of Starlink and Viasat 

There is another difference in the ownership of equipment between both these internet providers. The users who rely on the Starlink kit get ownership of the dish and router for a lifetime. The users of Viasat lack this factor. The users need to return the equipment once they back out or quit their service. Or else they will have to pay the penalty as per declared by the company.

Contract Agreement of Starlink and Viasat 

Starlink does not offer any type of user contract. The users can withdraw from the company whenever they need. The users that do this cannot hire the company again later. Viasat operates and deals with its customers by signing a contract. There is a penalty as well if the users cancel their service in the early days after agreeing to the contract.

Equipment Installation of Starlink and Viasat 

Viasat has won two geostationary satellites. These are responsible for providing internet service to the users. The antennas of the dish must be in the direction of the satellites to expedite the internet signals.

The professionals from the company will help the users with dish installation. There are also installation charges to procure the equipment you need from the company. The duration of this might vary and depends on the location of the users. Starlink does not have any such charges.

The antennas of its dish can be placed anywhere, but they must face upwards. The users need to connect the modem with an ethernet cable and connect the router by plugging it into the power supply. The dish will adjust itself in the direction of the satellite to get you fast internet signals quickly.

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