How To Cancel Viasat

how to cancel viasat package
how to cancel viasat package

If you are a regular consumer of Viasat internet, then it is possible to cancel their service. Internet services in the cities are often restricted to different factors. Due to this reason, an easy cancellation is offered by the company so that the users can avail of the advantages in different states of America.

Their service does not need any type of phone line or coaxial cable during installation. There are different plans offered by the company to provide more ease to the users and their regular clients.

Cancel Viasat while using Web

There is an important procedure to cancel their service online. Just follow these steps and cancel the service with the least effort:

  • Open the website platform of the company.
  • Make an account by simply logging in to their website and registering yourself as a user.
  • It is important to disable all the autopay options by going to the account settings.
  • After that, can the plan you are following currently be? This happens through the account settings as well.
  • If the contract has not ended yet and you are canceling, then you have to pay the penalty as declared by the company.
  • The confirmation of the cancellation will be delivered to your email address.

Cancel Viasat while using Phone

You can cancel their service by phone as well. There is a definite process for this. Let's check out the following steps in this regard:

  • Dial a phone call on the official customer support number from the company.
  • Choose the option Account management and disconnect from the IVR one after the other offered by the company.
  • The call is then directed to an associate of customer support, who will cancel the service as per your request.
  • The official can also discuss the reason for cancellation with you so that they can put forward any solutions for you.
  • After that palace, a request for service deactivation from the official.
  • After the process, you will be notified with a confirmation message.

Cancel Viasat while at the Store

Some users cannot cancel their service by phone or via the web. So that they would cancel through the store. In this case, they would need a retailer for assistance. There is a separate procedure to cancel service from the store:

  • The website of the company gives you all the local retailers so that you can go to the one nearest to you to cancel the service. Find the address of the closest retailer and keep it to yourself.
  • Now go to the retailer and share with them all of your account particulars carefully so that they can easily cancel your service.
  • After that, ask them to cancel the service once you have discussed your account details.
  • The retailer gathers your details on their device and will see if you are canceling earlier or not. If yes, then you are required to pay the cancellation fee on all counts.
  • Once you're done with the cancellation fee payment, then the company will automatically cancel their service.
  • You will receive all the notifications and confirmations on your email address to avoid complications later.

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