How much does Viasat Internet cost per month? Best plans & pricing

  1. Viasat dish options
  2. Viasat dish lifetime lease
  3. Viasat dish monthly rental
  4. Installation fee
  5. Early termination fee (ETF)

Viasat dish options

When it comes to Viasat Internet, one of the first things you'll need to consider is the dish options available. Viasat offers two main options for their satellite dish: a lifetime lease or a monthly rental.

Viasat dish lifetime lease

If you choose to go with the Viasat dish lifetime lease, you will pay a one-time fee of $299. This fee covers the cost of the dish and ensures that you have access to Viasat Internet for as long as you need it. This option is great for those who plan on using Viasat Internet for an extended period of time and want to avoid any monthly rental fees.

Viasat dish monthly rental

If you prefer not to commit to a lifetime lease, Viasat also offers the option to rent their satellite dish on a monthly basis. The monthly rental fee for the dish is $14.99 per month. This option is ideal for those who may only need Viasat Internet for a short period of time or who prefer the flexibility of not being tied to a long-term lease.

Installation fee

In addition to the cost of the dish, there is also an installation fee associated with setting up Viasat Internet. The installation fee is $99, although this price may vary depending on your location and any additional services or equipment you may require. The installation fee covers the cost of sending a technician to your home to install and set up the satellite dish, ensuring that you have a smooth and hassle-free experience getting connected to Viasat Internet.

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Early termination fee (ETF)

It's important to note that if you choose to cancel your Viasat Internet service before the end of your contract term, you may be subject to an early termination fee (ETF). The ETF is $15 per month remaining on your contract. This fee is in place to cover the costs associated with ending your service early, such as the loss of potential revenue for Viasat and any administrative costs incurred.

Overall, the cost of Viasat Internet per month will depend on the specific plan you choose, any additional services or equipment you require, and whether you opt for the lifetime lease or monthly rental of the satellite dish. It's always a good idea to carefully review the pricing details and terms of service before making a decision to ensure that you are getting the best plan and pricing for your needs.

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