How Good is Viasat Speed?

how good is viasat speed usa

Viasat is a California based communication company. It offers satellite communication, internet services and lots more. The company manufactures military communication equipment and other communication equipment as well. In this article, I give you all information about Viasat internet, Viasat speed and all other details about its network.

Is Viasat internet good?

The internet services offered by Viasat are good if you live in rural areas. The network covers more than 99% of US. It was indeed a good internet connection. The Viasat internet speed is really high and is around 100 Mbps.

Does Viasat speed reduce in rural areas?

Most of the Viasat users are of the wrong assumption that speed of Viasat reduces in rural areas. It is not so. The company has satellites covering the entire US. For this reason, the internet speed of the network is good even in rural areas.

Is it possible to add phone line to Viasat internet plan?

Yes. You can add phone line to your internet plan. However, you need to pay extra charges. For instance, you may have to pay $30 per month to add phone line to your internet plan. The charges are $40 per month after the first month.

Is it possible to stream video using Viasat internet?

Yes. You can stream videos using Viasat internet. The Viasat speed depends on the internet plan you have selected. Higher the plan, better is the video quality. The following are the pixel configuration of Viasat plans:

  • 360 pixels for Unlimited Bronze
  • 480 pixels for Unlimited Silver
  • 720 pixels for Unlimited Gold
  • 1080 pixels for unlimited platinum

Are TV services included in Viasat internet plan?

Yes. Viasat offers TV services in its internet plan. However, you need to pay additional amounts to get TV services.

Is the Viasat speed good for TV services?

The speed of Viasat is faster when you go for higher plans. If you want to add TV services or stream videos using Viasat, you should go for higher plans. Only high speed Viasat plans can help in streaming TV services and other videos better.

Does Viasat work with VPN?

Yes. The Viasat internet plans work well with Virtual Private Networks. However, the Viasat speed reduces when you use it in VPN. The reduction in speed is not significant and is manageable.

Can I play games using Viasat internet?

Yes. You can pay online games using Viasat internet. However, the performance of the games depends on the type. High end games will require high speed internet plans.

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